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Flotron - My City

My City is a real-time monitoring system for cities, towns, districts or utilities running on General Packet Radio Services (GPRS). Remote monitoring, otherwise known as telemetry, is the use of radio waves to transmit the readings of measuring instruments to a device on which the readings can be indicated or recorded. The essence of the My City system is a data logging outstation that is capable of scanning a number of sensors monitoring flow, level, power, status, pH and other parametres. This includes information on reservoirs, dams, rivers, traffic electricity, rainfall and alarms. The information is made available in the form of graphic trends, charts or reports for viewing.

The My City project was developed for Flotron, a company that specialises in telemetry. Flotron built loggers that are connected with cell phones and Upfront Systems built a portal that gives a representation of the measured information per city. In this way municipalities can get a clear overview of their city. The portal also offers a database where the information can be collected.