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Where I'm calling from

A blog by Roché Compaan about Zope, Plone, Open Source, freedom, life.

Blog EntryFinding fat free alternatives for upfront.diet
by Roché Compaan on Jan 12, 2010
A list of Plone catalog dependencies and alternative implementations that don't rely on the catalog.
Blog EntryThe Upfront Diet for Plone
by Roché Compaan on Dec 14, 2009
It's time to put Plone on a diet that works. Loose weight now, ask me how!
Blog EntryReconsidering Pair Programming
by Roché Compaan on Dec 04, 2009
We gave pair programming a fair chance but I'm afraid it didn't work out.
Blog EntryProgress bar for Plone
by Roché Compaan on Sep 18, 2009
Don't let long running jobs time out, just wire in collective.progressbar.
Blog EntrySimple References
by Roché Compaan on Sep 12, 2009
Simple references can speed up your Plone application significantly.
Blog EntryPair Programming
by Roché Compaan on Apr 02, 2009
How do you take the fun you have at Zope and Plone sprints and make it a way of life.
Blog EntryFat doesn't matter
by Roché Compaan on Nov 09, 2008
Big transactions sizes caused by indexing doesn't really matter.
Blog EntryBig Fat Catalog Indexes
by Roché Compaan on Sep 23, 2008
Some benchmarks that show how abnormally big Zope's catalog indexes are in relation to the data that is indexed.
Blog EntryProject Management Checklist
by Roché Compaan on Mar 05, 2008
Checklist to keep your projects on track.
Blog EntryZODB Benchmarks revisited
by Roché Compaan on Mar 04, 2008
The truth is that the ZODB is faster than your RDBMS.
Blog EntryZODB Benchmarks
by Roché Compaan on Feb 01, 2008
There doesn't seem to be any ZODB benchmarks readily available. Compelled by a project that needs to scale to very high numbers I started compiling some.
Blog EntryPortlet love
by Roché Compaan on Nov 12, 2007
"Therefore, since brevity is the soul of wit, And tediousness the limbs and outward flourishes, I will be brief" - Shakespeare, Hamlet, 1603
Blog EntryPortlet insanity in Plone 3
by Roché Compaan on Nov 09, 2007
Something that used to be a single template is now an interface, at least 3 view classes, an unnecessary complex zcml directive, a generic setup profile and more zcml to register the profile. Serenity now!
Blog EntryInspired by another great Plone Conference in Naples
by Roché Compaan on Oct 31, 2007
This year, I was looking forward to only travel 10 hours to the conference in Italy. Last year it took me a whole 20 hours to get Seattle. And you know what, I'll travel 40 hours if it means I can experience the magic that a Plone conference delivers. What impressed me most about this year's conference was the level of self-reflection the community had about how we got to where we are and what the current state of Plone is.